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Wellness By Design

People use hemp for many reasons. Let's Design your Wellness together. 


Oils provide a robust delivery method for your hemp based products. These products can be integrated into your wellness regiment easily and provide consistent application. 


Topicals are a great way to increase wellness after working out or sporting events. Using topicals provides direct application of your hemp based products to where it is needed most. 


Flower is the most natural and familiar way of consuming Hemp. Flower provides robust chemical profiles natural to the plant including phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavinoids, and many other chemicals supporting wellness. 


Vape products provide the familiarity from flower products but packages it in more modern threads. Vaping Hemp allows for controlled application in a smoking form. 


Taking a break to enjoy a Hemp edible can be a real treat. This form provides chemicals from Hemp in flavorful and familiar ways. Incorporating them into your wellness routine will be easy. 

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